Ahead of its 2020 edition on 19 August – 6 September, JIPFest announces its first phase of lineup consisting photography and creative industry figures that are set to inspire, brainstorm and teach audiences through relevant and timely Discussions, Portfolio Reviews, Public Lectures and Workshops.

  1. Martin Barnes, Senior Curator of Photographs at Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) London
  2. Seno Gumira Ajidarma, Novelist, Rector at Jakarta Arts Institute (IKJ)
  3. Sayed Asif Mahmud, Curator, Photographer, Mentor at Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute
  4. Anton Ismael, Photographer, Founder of Third Eye Space & Kelas Pagi
  5. Beawiharta, Photo Editor, Independent Photographer, Member of 1000Kata
  6. Ika Vantiani, Artist, Curator
  7. Muhammad Fadli, Photo Editor at Forbes Asia, Co-Founder of Arka Project
  8. Amalia Trisna Sari, Cinematographer
  9. Romi Perbawa, Independent Photographer, Author of The Riders of Destiny
  10. Kurniadi Widodo, Curator, Mentor at Arkademy, Co-Founder of Flock Project
  11. Chris Bunjamin, Editorial & Commercial Photographer
  12. Nyimas Laula, Independent Photographer

The diverse lineup reflects the festival’s commitment to provide a space for knowledge exchange and encourage open conversation on the future of Indonesia’s photography. Stay tuned for the next phase of lineup!

Photo, clockwise from left: Martin Barnes by Lydia Goldblatt; Beawiharta; Amalia Trisna Sari; Muhammad Fadli; Nyimas Laula; Anton Ismael.