The Jakarta International Photo Festival (JIPFest) is a platform for photographers and public to meet, engage and exchange insights, as well as a space for impactful photography projects to reach out to wider audiences. As an international photography festival, JIPFest also aims to foster and propel Indonesian photographers onto the global stage.  

Photography is a powerful tool. It has the power to educate and advocate, as well as to mobilize and move people. JIPFest, we hope, could be a platform to showcase images that highlight crucial issues, open up dialogues and enrich our perspectives, while increasing the capacity of photographers to create powerful images. JIPFest aims to make a difference in the society.


Schedule: 25 June-9 July 2019
Location: Cikini, Menteng, Sarinah

15 Days
17 Venues
13 Programs
64 Events
70 Guest Stars
17,451 Visitors


Theme: SPACE
Schedule: 13-28 November 2021
Location: Kota Tua

16 Days
4 Venues
13 Programs
48 Events
29 Guest Stars
8,662 Visitors


Schedule: 9-25 September 2022
Location: Blok M

17 Days
6 Venues
15 Programs
55 Events
62 Guest Stars
18,123 Visitors


PannaFoto Institute is a non-profit organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2006, PannaFoto serves as a platform for education and fosters an understanding of photography through its interdisciplinary programs with the support of various institutions, including the World Press Photo Foundation in the Netherlands. Since its establishment, PannaFoto has been conducting a series of photography workshops for young talented Indonesian photojournalists, classes for public, seminars, discussions and photo exhibitions, as well as photo books publishing. pannafoto.org

Jl. Bambu Apus III No. 206
Pondok Bambu, Jakarta Timur
Jakarta, Indonesia 13430
T. +62 21 860 3627

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General Inquiries: program@jipfest.com
Journalist, Blogger: press@jipfest.com
Program: swanti@jipfest.com
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