Yes, JIPFest is open to everyone, not just photographers. There are, however, certain criteria applied to participate in certain programs. For more information, click here.

For more info on each program, click here. Should you still have questions, contact program@jipfest.com.

We welcome anyone who wants to take part as a volunteer. Simply send an email containing your bio and your reasons to get involved in the festival to program@jipfest.com.

Please send your partnership proposal to our Director, Cristian (cristian@jipfest.com).

Photo Exhibition, Photo Book Exhibition, Photo Fair, Fringe and Projection Night are free for public. For more info on location and schedule of each program, click here.

We welcome any journalists and bloggers who want to cover the festival and interview our guests. Please contact press@jipfest.com to get festival ID card.

Ticket counters are available onsite. But we recommend visitors to buy tickets online through our official sales partners.

Tickets sold in cash and in the online shop are not refundable.

Veterans, persons with disabilities and children (maximum 12 yo) are free to enter the festival. Children must always be under the supervision of their parents or guardians. It is important to remember that there are certain Photo Exhibition areas that display sensitive or adult-only content.

For info and direction, click here. You may also refer to our official Program Book available for to download through this link.

November marks dry season with temperatures ranging between 25-32 degrees Celsius.

Festival tours with English-speaking guides are available on request. To book, please contact program@jipfest.com.

Yes, but we kindly request that photos and/or videos taken are for noncommercial purposes. Should you choose to post your photos on social media platforms, feel free to use our official tag #jipfest2020. Please remember, no picture policy applies to several areas. Our friendly volunteers will be there to remind you.

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