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Indonesia’s capital city was officiated on June 22, 1527. It is internationally nicknamed the Big Durian and J-Town. Jakarta has a land area of 661 square kilometers, slightly smaller than Singapore, plus 6,997 square kilometers of seawater dotted with 342 small islands. It is the largest and busiest city in Indonesia. In 2018, more than 18 million vehicles roamed its streets every day, exceeding its 10 million population.

Administratively, Jakarta consists of five administrative cities: North, South, West, East and Central Jakarta. Combined with four neighboring satellite cities, it forms The Greater Jakarta Metropolitan which is known as Jabodetabek (an acronym of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi).

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Blok M is a legendary shopping, culinary and nightlife district in the south of Jakarta. The lively area has three malls, three public parks, a theatre, and an endless choice of restaurants, cafes, bars, massage parlors and nightclubs. Also located here is Little Tokyo, home to many Japanese restaurants, and the contemporary retail and creative space M Bloc Space, which occupies an old complex of Perum Peruri (Indonesian state-owned banknote printer).


Blok M is located in South Jakarta. It’s approximately 7 kms away from Hotel Indonesia Roundabout; 11 kms from Gambir main train station; and 50 kms from the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. As one of the largest transportation hubs in Jakarta, Blok M is well-connected to different parts of the city via Transjakarta Bus and MRT.

From Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Blok M can be reached by taxi or Railink Airport Train to Dukuh Atas Station, followed by a taxi ride for 7 kms. Optionally, take the Damri Bus from the airport terminal to Blok M.

The MRT has two stops in Blok M: ASEAN and Blok M stations. For the KRL Commuterline, the closest station is Kebayoran Lama, approximately 4 kms away from Blok M.

Blok M Terminal is served by the Transjakarta Bus from Kota Tua, Pesanggrahan, Pondok Labu, Meruya, Tanah Abang, Rempoa, Ciledug, Pulogadung, Manggarai, Ragunan, Kampung Rabutan, dan Tanjung Priok.

The most popular taxi operator in Jakarta is Blue Bird. Uber had ceased its business in Indonesia, but Jakarta still has two major online transportation companies which provide car and motorcycle rides: Gojek and Grab.