Our Team

Cristian Rahadiansyah

Festival Director

The Jakarta-based journalist has worked for seven magazines in 14 years. Cristian has written and edited several books, hosted a radio talk show as well as given talks in various writer and photographer forums.

Ng Swan Ti

Program Director

Her works have been featured in the Noorderlicht, the Jakarta Biennale and the DongGang Photo Festival. Swan Ti, Managing Director of PannaFoto Institute, was the member of the Joop Swart Masterclass 2016 selection committee.

Jippy Rinaldi

Creative Director

Jippy is the founder of Jippy Rinaldi Design Studio, which focuses on branding, editorial and digital design. He also manages Pokkonya Popsicles and LAKA Copper Indonesia.


Ayu Ambong

Head of Communications

Ayu, alumni of photography workshops by Antara Gallery of Photojournalism, regularly holds workshops in several cities in Indonesia. She is now researching for her long-term project on Bissu people of South Sulawesi.

Dzulfikri Putra Malawi

Communications Manager

After working as a journalist for Media Indonesia, Fikri now explores digital content and media strategy. He is also a musician. Singo Sembrono, his latest project, was created in collaboration with American artist Arrington de Dionyso.

Mahfud Achyar

Communications Officer

Found his passion in writing during childhood, Achyar now regularly writes for various online media as well as his personal blogs. He is now working in public relations and marketing communications.


Content Manager

Wikana was involved in a number of theater groups in Jakarta and once performed at JakArt 2000. Apart from his daily job as a journalist, he enjoys writing cultural stories and contributes his pieces to travel magazines.

Muhammad Rohmani

Content Officer

Omen, a Gadjah Mada University alumni, is working as a photographer, videographer, and was involved in the Kelas Pagi Jakarta community. Since 2017, he has been working as a graphic designer and projectionist at the SinemaRabu.

Donang Wahyu

Media Relations Manager

In 2005, Donang and his colleagues published the Ocean of Tears photo book which document the Aceh tsunami disaster. In 2006, he represented Indonesia at the Asia-Europe Forum for Young Photographers in Manila.

Robby Suharlim

Documentation Coordinator

Since the early stage of his career in 2004, Robby put his focus on stage photography. His production house, Image Maker, has documented numerous music festivals and concerts of international musicians, including Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams.

Michael C. Budiman

Documentation Officer

Michael aka Cebe specializes in stage photography, especially for music festivals. Java Jazz, Synchronize, and Hodgepodge are some of the festivals that he has documented. Besides taking pictures, he creates designs for companies.

Nanda Nuril

Music Director

Nanda, an alumni of the Bandung Institute of Tourism, is a music producer and sound designer. Among his notable works are the original soundtrack for Indonesian movie Mendadak Dangdut, as well as theme songs for Bentoel Sejati and shoe polish Cololite.

Production & Merchandise

Olivia Syafitri

Production Manager

Found her passion in literature since childhood, Olivia now works as a freelance translator and digital content writer. In her free time, she enjoys drawing and reading comics.

Audrey Chaerunnisa

Merchandise Manager

After working in journalism for almost six years, Audrey now works as a creative editorial staff and freelance photographer in a magazine. She was part of the photojournalist team at the 2018 Asian Games.


Edy Purnomo

Volunteer Coordinator

Starting his career at AFP, Edy is now an active mentor in various photography workshops. He joined a training program to be a trainer by the World Press Photo. He has published two photo books: PASSING and WILDTOPIA. equatorimages.com

Djoyosantyo Joachim

Volunteer Officer

Joy holds a bachelor's degree in photography and now works as a photographer and freelance worker in a photography education institution. He participated in the Klavdij Sluban Photo Workshop and Photobook Workshop by Markus Schaden.


Fransisca Angela

Artis Talk Coordinator

In 2016, her works were exhibited at the Melbourne Independent Photography Festival, then at the Ambient Landscapes 2017 in Sydney. Apart from being a photographer, Fransisca is an ambassador for the I Like Local in Indonesia. fransiscangela.com

Eka Nickmatulhuda

Exhibition Coordinator

Eka, a freelance photographer, learned her photography skill at Tempo, and now is interested in humanities, culture and women's issues. In her spare time, she serves as a yoga teacher, photography mentor, and fixer for television stations.

Atikah Zata Amani

Exhibition Officer

A housewife and former investigative journalist, Atikah now works as a freelance writer while actively involved in the Indonesia Ukulele Community. Some of her news coverage has been nominated for the Adinegoro Award.

Yusni Aziz

Fringe Coordinator

Yusni found his interest in photography while taking master's degree in the Netherlands. He is now working as a writer, photographer and the editor of Ruang. He participated in the Wisdom photo exhibition in Jakarta.

Rakhmawaty La'lang

Fringe Officer

Rakhma started her career as an independent photographer in 2017. She has participated in a number of photo exhibitions and workshops, and was involved as the official photographer for the Asian Games & Asian Para Games 2018.

Ben K. C. Laksana

Panel Discussion Coordinator

Ben, a documentary photographer and an independent researcher, participated in the Wisdom photo exhibition in Jakarta and the Photival Festival in Wellington. He now regularly provides mentorship in photography workshops.

Rara Sekar

Panel Discussion Officer

Apart from her work as a researcher in cultural anthropology, Rara is a musician and a freelance photographer. She now teaches critical photography at Arkademy and manages the Nuans Nuans photo agency. At home, Rara bakes and gardens.

Irene Barlian

Portfolio Review Coordinator

Irene Barlian is a Jakarta-based documentary photographer. Focusing on culture, humanity and its relationship with nature, her works have appeared in several publications and exhibitions in USA, Switzerland and Greece.

Fernando Randy

Portfolio Review Officer

Nando, a former photojournalist at VIVAnews and Tabloid BOLA, works as a freelance photographer. Through collaboration with his several colleagues, he has published two photobooks: Aftercomma in 2015 dan Atmosphere in 2017.

Atet Dwi Pramadia

Projection Night Coordinator

Atet, born in Batusangkar, began to explore photography through a workshop hold by the Antara Gallery of Photojournalism. After working as a photojournalist for Media Indonesia, Atet turned into a freelance photographer in 2016.

Ridhwan Siregar

Projection Night Officer

Ridhwan, an alumni of the International Center of Photography in New York, works as a freelance journalist, photographer and video producer. His first solo photo exhibition, Mencari Amang (Looking for Father), was held in 2017.

Ardiles Akyuwen

Public Lecture Coordinator

Apart from teaching at the Multimedia Nusantara University, Ardiles regularly takes part in photography mentorship. The Intimacy of Gradation, his photo project in Banten, was exhibited at the 212 Gallery, Institute of Indonesian Arts and Culture.

Firsta Yunida

Special Program Coordinator

Firsta, founder of travel website Discover Your Indonesia, is mainly based in Jakarta. Apart from working as a freelance writer, she operates a travel operator that helps tourists explore Indonesia.

Suhartina Sindukusumo

Special Program Officer

Her career in journalism started in 2013 when she joined DestinAsian Indonesia's editorial team. She moved to Bali to work as an editor for Bali & Beyond magazine, then decided to come home to Jakarta and has since become a freelance writer.

Yoppy Pieter

Workshop Coordinator

In 2017, Yoppy, a freelance photographer, was selected to participate in The World Press Photo Foundation's 6x6 Global Talent Program. His first photo book, Saujana Sumpu, explores the impacts of urbanization in West Sumatra.

Agoes Rudianto

Workshop Officer

His works were published by Reuters, The Guardian, and The Wall Street Journal. Agoes has received an award from the Indonesia Photojournalism Awards and participated in the Erasmus Huis Fellowship in Amsterdam.

Eva Fauziah

Workshop Officer

Eva, born in Bogor, has attended a number of photography trainings. In 2017, she was chosen to be a participant in the Southern Papua Corridor Expedition. A year later, Eva held her solo photo exhibition entitled “Korowai Call You” in Jakarta.