For the first time, Jakarta is going to have an international photography festival. The Jakarta International Photo Festival (JIPFest) will involve more than 50 international stakeholders, including photographers, photo editors, scholars, curators, critics, galleries and photography organizations and enthusiasts.

The festival has two missions. First, education. JIPFest aims to enrich photographers’ skill and expertise; to facilitate a forum in which photographers can exchange ideas; to build Indonesia’s developing photography ecosystem by providing a platform for aspiring photography professionals, including curators and critics; to provide a space for photographers to showcase their works and expand their network; and to raise general public awareness on the role of photography in a society.

The festival’s second mission is welfare. JIPFest aims to enhance public appreciation towards photographers and their works; to boost the prestige of photos as collectible artworks; and to provide a platform for photographers to promote their works to their intended audience.

Indonesia has a great pool of photography talents. The archipelago also has numerous photo galleries and universities offering photography majors; hundreds of photography communities and associations; as well as several regular competitions. Yet an integral part of the ecosystem is missing: a place for photography experts and enthusiasts to gather, network, learn and grow. Filling the gap, JIPFest ultimately hopes to build Indonesia’s image as a photography hub in Southeast Asia.

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