From politics to career choices, from views on marriage to travelling styles, from thoughts on investment to fashion choices – each generation has its own taste and preference. It might sound petty, yet it affects our lives significantly.

Think of this world as a train with multiple carriages carrying eight billion people. Half of the passengers are millennials and Gen Z. The next biggest groups are Gen X, Baby Boomers, and Alpha. Where the train is headed, who drives it, and how it manages electricity, water, and waste – all will be determined by the groups and how they negotiate what is thought as the most beneficial ways of living.

The choices and preferences that each generation makes has far-reaching impacts. This is the issue that the fourth edition of JIPFest will explore, under GENERATION as festival theme.

This year, JIPFest will take place on 8-24 September around Blok M, South Jakarta. The festival’s artistic team will undergo curatorial research and host an open call between April and May 2023 to discover important works related to the theme.

Selected works will be presented publicly, also discussed and reflected collectively by the festival guest stars and participants. By doing so, JIPFest hopes to enrich the discourse and knowledge on crucial issues surrounding generation, and contribute to the birth of new ideas and movements that enable positive changes within the society.

Stay tuned for new updates on JIPFest 2023.