Gevi Noviyanti – Letter from Jepara (2022)

The projects were selected from an Open Call, which ran between 2-31 May 2023, as well as curator’s invitations. The selection was made out of 231 submissions from 37 countries.

The selected projects not only respond very well to the festival theme of Generation and the open call framework from the curatorial team, but also highlight the unspoken narratives about how generation forms out of a dark past, dynamic present, and the speculative future. The projects mostly tell the story of the relationship of generations with the notion of Belonging, Future, Disruption, and (Dis)unity. The team expects to present a strong, moving, and uplifting world for the Indonesian audience with this set of selection.

Asep Topan, curator, said: “I am glad to see the quantity and quality of submissions for this year’s exhibition. I am excited to present our selection as a wholesome experience for the festival visitors, as there are many stories that encourage us to contemplate on the notion of Generation – not only on large scales but also personal perspectives.”

“I think Generation has become a very moving exhibition that will appeal to a large and diverse audience. Most stories brought to us by this outstanding group of international artists/photographers relate to personal experiences. Dividing the exhibition into four sub themes: Belonging, Future, Disruption, (Dis)unity may suggest that their works belong to one category exclusively but this is not how our lives are affected by the multiple social, economic and political changes that we are all confronted with as individuals or as groups. Many of these issues are intertwined as the artists in this show are pointing out to us,” Bas Vroege, curator, said.

“We carefully reviewed over two hundred projects narrated by visual storytellers around the globe. Having said so, we listened to hundreds of stories, some of which may be unseen or untold. The curatorial team has undergone uneasy discussions and arguments to finally shortlist less than ten percent of the submitted projects,” said Ng Swan Ti, Exhibition Director.

The selected projects will be exhibited around Blok M, South Jakarta. Details on schedule and venue will be updated closer to the festival date. Please find below the list of exhibiting photographers/artists:

  1. Adrianus Mulya (Indonesia)
  2. Aleksandra Szajnecka (Poland)
  3. Dhanny ‘danot’ Sanjaya (Indonesia)
  4. Eliza Bordeaux (The Netherlands)
  5. Erik Prasetya (Indonesia)
  6. Florian Braakman (The Netherlands)
  7. Gaia Squarci (Italy) 
  8. Gerald Van Der Kaap & Aukje Dekker (The Netherlands)
  9. Gevi Noviyanti (Indonesia)
  10. Glorianna Ximendaz (Costa Rica)
  11. Hajime Kimura (Japan)
  12. Luiz Bicalho (United States)
  13. Muhammad Zaenuddin (Indonesia)
  14. Nael Quraishi (United Kingdom)
  15. Olgaç Bozalp (Turkiye)
  16. Peter Pflügler (Austria)
  17. Ranita Roy (India)
  18. Ryan Andrew (Indonesia)
  19. Shindy Lestari (Indonesia)
  20. Vandy Rizaldi (Indonesia)
  21. Victoria Chaushyan (Russia)
  22. Will Boase (United Kingdom)
  23. Yara Jimmink (The Netherlands)
  24. Zahara Gómez (Argentina)