Inaugurated on November 10, 1968, Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) was the first modern cultural center in Indonesia. The eight-hectare complex is named after Ismail Marzuki, one of the country’s most celebrated composers.

TIM has three theaters, two exhibition halls, two outdoor multifunction areas, a library and a cinema. As a modern cultural center, TIM is complemented by a curatorial body (the Jakarta Arts Council), an art college (the Jakarta Institute of Arts), and a think tank (the Jakarta Academy).

For the past 50 years, TIM has contributed greatly to the development of Indonesia’s art and culture scene. Influential artists like Sardono W. Kusumo, W.S. Rendra, Arifin C. Noer, Putu Wijaya and Srimulat, to name a few, were shaped and born on its stage. TIM had also been a regular venue for many visiting international artists, including Martha Graham, Alwin Nikolais and Pina Bausch. By choosing TIM as its main venue, JIPFest aims to give birth to great artists and works of photography.

JIPFest are going to occupy three zones of TIM: Galeri Cipta II, Teater Kecil, and Plaza Teater Kecil. As a city-centric festival, the festival is also going to use numerous public spaces in Jakarta for its photo exhibition, while other programs including Fringe, Urban Photo Tour, and Workshops, will be held around TIM.

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