JIPFest 2019 Curatorial Team has chosen 36 photography and multimedia works from 17 countries to be exhibited from 25 June-9 July 2019. All works were selected from the open call process, which ran from 10 January-10 March 2019, out of 299 entries from 31 countries.

The selected works represent unique and diverse ways on seeing identity within social and personal contexts, including different visual narrative approaches through documentary photography, photojournalism and art projects. “With different understanding of ‘identity,’ comes a wide range of unexpected proposals and body of works, both from Indonesia and beyond,” states Firman Ichsan, Head Curator.

The selected works will be exhibited at various locations in and around Taman Ismail Marzuki, Central Jakarta. Detail info regarding schedule and venues will be available on JIPFest website latest by 25 June 2019. Please find below, in alphabetical order, the list of photographers/collectives/artists selected through the open call process:

  1. Agoes Rudianto, Indonesia
  2. Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana, Indonesia
  3. Albertus Vembrianto, Indonesia
  4. Andri Ginting, Indonesia
  5. Anggi Anggoman, Indonesia
  6. Asep Saepuloh, Indonesia
  7. Bertha Wang, Hong Kong
  8. Elisabetta Zavoli, Italy
  9. Feri Latief, Indonesia
  10. Florencia Trincheri, Argentina
  11. Habiba Nowrose, Bangladesh
  12. Harikrishna Katragadda & Shweta Upadhyay, India
  13. Herka Yanis Pangaribowo, Indonesia
  14. Ilias Georgiadis, Greece   
  15. Irina Unruh, Germany
  16. Iris Oppelaar, Netherlands
  17. Jack Lewis, United Kingdom
  18. Juan Herbert Girsang, Indonesia
  19. Junya Suzuki, Japan
  20. Kurniadi Widodo, Indonesia
  21. Lukas Birk, Austria
  22. Maheder Haileselassie Tadese, Ethiopia
  23. Muhammad Fadli, Indonesia
  24. Nick Tarasov, Russia
  25. Raoof Dashti, Iran
  26. Rokateater, Indonesia
  27. Rony Zakaria, Indonesia
  28. Rosa Panggabean, Indonesia
  29. Santanu Dey, India
  30. Schmoo Theune & Susann Tischendorf, Germany
  31. Schore Mehrdju, Germany
  32. Silvestre Pires Castro, Timor Leste
  33. Swarat Ghosh, India
  34. Tim Franco, France
  35. Toto Santiko Budi, Indonesia
  36. Ulet Ifansasti, Indonesia