Following an open call which ran from 22 February-25 March 2019, Jakarta International Photo Festival (JIPFest) has made a selection of photo books that will be exhibited on 3-7 July 2019 at Teater Kecil, Taman Ismail Marzuki. 

The selection is made by Aditya Pratama (founder, Unobtainium Photobook) and Kurniadi Widodo (curator, photographer) based on several criteria, including visual narrative, historical significance, design quality as well as production material. Chosen from 53 entries, the selected photo books are:

  1. A Trunk and Other Tails by Dilla Djalil-Daniel, Indonesia
  2. Analemma by Chantal Van Rijt, Netherlands
  3. Biało-Czerwona by Marek Lapis, Poland  
  4. Bikin Jakarta Artistik by Zulfikar Iqbal, Indonesia
  5. Chinari by Riti Sengupta, India
  6. Education for All by Guilherme Bergamini, Brazil  
  7. Faces of Two Cities by Saeffie Adji, Indonesia
  8. Futile by Ian Hananto, Indonesia
  9. Guardians of Tradition by PJ Leo, Indonesia
  10. Hear my Fear by Hamdi Rubiyanto, Indonesia
  11. Mencari Amang by Ridhwan Siregar, Indonesia
  12. Namaskar by Ek Ing, Indonesia
  13. NESW by 1000kata (Ahmad Zamroni, Dita Alangkara, Mast Irham, & Yuniadhi Agung), Indonesia 
  14. Ni Hao Ma by Ariobimo Prima R, Aristina Marzaningrum, Reiner Nathaniel, & Irvi Syauqi, Indonesia
  15. Pakistan Now by Manolo Ty, Germany
  16. Palmerah by Jillian Dessaryo Robertson, Indonesia
  17. Pelangi di Timur Tengah by Denty Piawai Nestitie, Indonesia 
  18. Pulang by Hermawan Wicaksono, Indonesia
  19. Racikan Mendadak by Muhammad Barkah & Febrina Rahm, Indonesia
  20. Recollecting Dream by Aji Susanto Anom, Indonesia
  21. Rise by Alexa Vachon, Canada
  22. Salam Rindu by Opin Adelpho Marnata & Thasya Zelinsky, Indonesia
  23. Samana by Utami Godjali, Indonesia
  24. Self-Portrait with my Mother by Karolina Jonderko, Poland
  25. The New Sun by Rian Afriadi, Indonesia
  26. Versus by Jessica Margaretha, Indonesia
  27. Wildtopia by Edy Purnomo, Indonesia

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