For its debut, Jakarta International Photo Festival (JIPFest) presents three solo exhibitions dan eight group exhibitions at 11 different venues in Central Jakarta. All exhibition are open for FREE to the public. If you have any questions, please contact us at or +6281-5809-2145 (Eka)

Solo Exhibition
Wallace’s Living Legacy: True Indonesian Wildlife by Riza Marlon

Venue: IFI Thamrin
Schedule: 23 June-9 July, 09:00-17:00

Solo Exhibition
Men, Mountains and the Sea by Rony Zakaria

Venue: ARTOTEL Thamrin
Schedule: 25 June-31 July (anytime)

Solo Exhibition
Seeing Things-A Work in Progress by Tara Sosrowardoyo

Schedule: 29 June-9 July
Venue: Tugu Kunstkring Paleis (11:00-23:00), KeKini (Monday-Friday 17:00-21:00; Saturday, 09:00-21:00), Kedai Tjikini (07:00-23:00)

Group Exhibition
1. Aceh, the Veranda of Mecca by Hotli Simanjuntak
2. Exile by Rosa Panggabean
3. I Am Moluccan by Agoes Rudianto
4. Soekarno by Toto Santiko
5. Traces of British Colonial in Hong Kong by Bertha Wang
6. Unperson: Portraits of North Korean Defectors by Tim Franco
7. You Never Told Me About Your Time in Prison by Schore Mehrdju

Venue: Goethe-Institut Jakarta
Schedule: 27 June-9 July (Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00)

Group Exhibition
1. ACTor: Portrait from the Movie by Eriek N Juragan
2. Character by Florencia Trincheri
3. Comfort Women (Troostmeisjes) by Jan Banning
4. Faces from the Quiet Corners of Indonesia by Feri Latief
5. IndoWorldPhoto Project by Armando Ello
6. Mangongkal Holi (The Last Tribute) by Juan Herbert Girsang
7. Old and New History by Silvestre Pires Castro
8. Once Upon a Time Tomorrow by Chris Morin
9. Prisms by Susann Tischendorf & Schmoo Theune
10. Silent Environmentalist by Swarat Ghosh
11. Traces of War by Jan Banning

Venue: Sarinah (Upper Ground)
Schedule: 29 June-9 July (10:00-22:00)

Group Exhibition
1. Achilles Heel of an I Yaya Sung
2. Identity by Yudha Appelgede
3. Mardijkers Photo Studio by Agan Harahap
4. Mind the Mind by Ve Dhanito
5. Silver Lining by Christina Phan
6. What is Happiness? by Jordy Ramadhan

Venue: Rubanah
Schedule: 29 June-9 July (Tuesday-Saturday, 11:00-20:00)

Group Exhibition
1. Bandung Yesterday and Tomorrow Through the Eyes of the New Generation of Bandung, curated by Sari Asih (Curators Lab)
2. Building Father’s Identity, curated by Caron Toshiko (Curators Lab)
3. Familiar Gaze, curated by Prasetya Yudha (Curators Lab)

Venue: Upnormal Coffee Roasters Raden Saleh
Schedule: 1-9 July (11:00-03:00)

Group Exhibition
1. Abandoned in Their Own Homeland by Dwianto Wibowo & Edy Susanto
2. Cameo by Elisabetta Zavoli
3. Concealed by Habiba Nowrose
4. Desperate Journey: The Rohingya Exodus by Kevin Frayer
5. Fragments of Papua by Albertus Vembrianto
6. I am Jamilia by Irina Unruh
7. I’ll be Looking at the Moon but I’ll be Seeing You by Hari Katragadda & Shweta Upadhyay
8. Intimate Spaces: Walls by Maheder Haileselassie
9. Into the Queen by Anggi Anggoman
10. Mr. X by Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana
11. Nyoo Studio: An Arbitrary Archive by Rokateater
12. Sketches from Home by Nick Tarasov
13. The Night Shift – Everyday-Impunity curated by Jes Aznar (Everyday Philippines)
14. Wildness by Iris Oppelaar
15. X=Y by Lukas Birk

Venue: Galeri Cipta II, Taman Ismail Marzuki
Schedule: 1-9 July (10:00-19:00)

Group Exhibition
1. Hoping you two have a beautiful life, curated by Edy Purnomo (Curators Lab)
2. Hospitable Land Project, curated by Agung Prasetya Nugraha (Curators Lab)
3. Katirisan Gadang House, curated by Budi N.D Dharmawan (Curators Lab)
4. Sense of (Beauty), curated by FX Damarjati (Curators Lab)
5. The Almighty, curated by Taufan Wijaya (Curators Lab)

Venue: Taman Menteng, Glasshouse 1
Schedule: 1-9 July (10:00-17:00)

Group Exhibition
1. Absenteeism: The Recliners by Raoof Dashti
2. Charlie T Barnes by Jack Lewis
3. Over|State by Ilias Georgiadis
4. Personal Identity by Asep Saepuloh
5. The Battle of Being Normal, curated by Rosa Panggabean (Curators Lab)

Venue: Taman Menteng, Glasshouse 2
Schedule: 1-9 July (10:00-17:00)

Group Exhibition
1. An Aesthetic of Everyday Life by Junya Suzuki
2. Emerald of the Equator, curated by Toto Santiko Budi (Curators Lab)
3. Paradise Threatened by Ulet Ifansasti
4. Portraits of Tough Karonese Women by Andri Ginting
5. Proud and Honor by Herka Yanis Pangaribowo
6. Rebel Riders by Muhammad Fadli
7. The Nostalgia on Verge of Extinction by Santanu Dey
8. Towards New Landscapes by Kurniadi Widodo

Venue: Taman Menteng, Pathway
Schedule: 1-9 July (10:00-17:00)