The 2022 edition of Jakarta International Photo Festival (JIPFest) will take place in Blok M, South Jakarta, from 9-25 September. We invite photographers and artists worldwide to submit photographic and photo-based multimedia works with a diverse visual approach. The proposal to the open call should reflect the festival theme, Revival. 

Within the cultural fields, our understanding of revival refers to the condition in which one’s cultural aspects have been recovered after losses due to several reasons, such as colonialism, modernism, and cultural oppression. The human ability to revive after such conditions requires a collective will and effort, and shows how we can work as communities. While this topic is mentioned closely with the formation of group identity, we embrace the revival in the larger scope of our contemporary lives. Therefore, the idea of revival could adopt multi-faceted overviews from history, material culture, spiritualism, environment, and ideology, to the urban context. 

Furthermore, we take into account that Blok M, the site of this year’s festival, is a significant place that has been revived in recent years. This context is essential for us, as symbols of revival, resilience, and the ability to adapt in creative ways.

The upcoming edition of JIPFest will explore how Revival in the course of human history and contemporary lives are captured in the photographic expression. Opening with a call for submissions, JIPFest 2022 welcomes photographic works that critique, embrace, imagine, rethink and expose our attempt to restore and strengthen our communities in times of climate, cultural and socio-economic crises.

Click here to submit your works to be exhibited in the festival.