JIPFest 2022 curatorial team, Asep Topan, Ayos Purwoaji, and Ng Swan Ti, have selected 21 photography and multimedia works from 17 countries to be exhibited in the festival between 9-25 September 2022. All works are selected from Open Call, which ran from 29 June-31 July 2022, in which we received 190 works from 40 countries

These works are selected as they showcase strong perspectives on revival – which is selected as the festival theme, and reflected on the photo exhibition open call. The photographers and artists interpret Revival with a critical conscience on environmental, migration, identity issues, as well as the urgency we face globally. Through these works, we are able to see how Revival can be interpreted as hopes, worries, and even happenings in our daily lives. With a diverse visual approach, these works will be displayed in both exhibition and public spaces that enable for a wider public exchange.

Asep Topan, curator, said: “I believe the selected works have the ability to inspire the audience in Indonesia, especially how we understand different circumstances across the world.”

Ayos Purwoaji, curator, stated: “There are many works with impressive quality submitted to the open call. Most of them illustrate new hopes, changes of perspective, and revived transformation around the world in recent times. But we have to select a few works that we believe are important to be shared with the Indonesian audience.”

Ng Swan Ti, curator, explained: “We hope the selected works can push the audience to reflect upon the theme Revival in their own perspectives, and encourage discussions during their visits to the exhibition and afterwards.”

The selected works will be exhibited in a few areas around Blok M, South Jakarta. Further info on locations and operational hours will be shared nearing the festival dates. Below the names of photographers whose works have been selected by Open Call, listed alphabetically:

  1. Akshay Mahajan, India
  2. Ala Eldin Abdalla, Sudan
  3. Antonio Perez, Spain
  4. Chantal Pinzi, Italy
  5. Darnia Hobson, New Zealand
  6. Dito Yuwono, Indonesia
  7. Fabiola Cedillo, Ecuador
  8. Giuseppe Cardoni, Italy
  9. Issam Larkat, Algeria
  10. Jacquie Maria Wessels, the Netherlands
  11. Mao Sovanchandy, Cambodia
  12. Meidiana Tahir, Indonesia
  13. Michael Eko, Indonesia
  14. Miyuki Okuyama, Japan
  15. Mohammed Hossain, Myanmar
  16. Olga Volondina, Russia
  17. Paul Eis, Germany
  18. Setyo Manggala Utama, Indonesia
  19. Tianhu Yuan, China
  20. Xuan Phong Le, Vietnam
  21. Younes Mohammad, Iraq

JIPFest is scheduled for 9-25 September 2022 in Blok M, Jakarta. The festival is supported by the Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry and Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Department.