Ideas are not only born out of reading and observation, while opportunities do not present themselves out of persistence and luck alone. Both ideas and opportunities might also spark from spontaneous conversations, accidental encounters and collision of minds. This is the reasoning behind the new Meet & Greet program at JIPFest 2022.

Meet & Greet invites photography practitioners to meet and dine, to mingle and jingle, and to exchange thoughts and ideas. An open mic stage, equipped with a projector and screen, will be provided for you to share your stories.

This casual session is expected to stimulate creative ideas and collaboration opportunities. And not just for photographers. We look forward to welcoming a diverse member of the photography ecosystem, including writers, curators, editors, art handlers, scholars, gallerists, photo book publishers, camera companies, and so on.

Meet & Greet is free to enter, with a capacity of 50 seats. You will only need to pay for food and drinks by order. Discounted dinner packages are available for the first 20 guests.


  • Venue: Kala di Kalijaga Jl. Sunan Kalijaga No.1-5, Melawai, Jakarta, Google Map
  • Capacity: 50 seats
  • Facilities: Stage, mics, speakers, projector and screen 


Friday, 9 September, 19:00-21:00
Presenting: JIPFest Curatorial Team, Espen Rasmussen, Anaïs López, Marika Cukrowski, Nick Hannes

Friday, 16 September, 19:00-21:00
Presenting: Yumi Goto, Kenji Chiga, Brian Arnold, Anna Lena Mehr

Friday, 23 September, 19:00-21:00
Presenting: David Campbell, Sana Ullah

For more information, please reach us at or +62813-1038-7844 (Bulan).

JIPFest is scheduled for 9-25 September 2022 in Blok M, Jakarta. The festival is supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and Jakarta Department of Tourism and Creative Economy.