Generational breaks in societies can usually be traced back to historically defining events such as wars, revolutions, pandemics, economic and ecological crises, but just as much to technological breakthroughs. For example, what is or was the influence of the internet on societies or, more specifically, the emergence of social media? Who are we, what do we (still) want to belong to? Who or what determines our identity? What was it like in the past, what will it be like in the future? What did Covid mean for us as individuals and as a group? Can we still save the world – for future generations – from ecological collapse? How do we do that and with whom?

Our current living conditions are the product of the decisions of previous, often foreign, generations. Just think of the legacy of colonialism and capitalism, both of which played (and still do) play an important role in various forms of social injustice such as climate change. The term ‘generation’ does not only stands for a specific group of people of the same age, but also for ‘constructing’, ‘making’, developing new ideas or conducting critical research into history and the future.

To explore the dynamics of generational issues, JIPFest welcomes projects that show different perspectives on the challenges and achievements of different generations. As a consequence, the artistic team for JIPFest 2023 consists of two generations of curators coming from two different continents: Asia (Indonesia) and Europe (The Netherlands). Together they will curate Generation, the final exhibition generated from the projects submitted. Click here to get to know our artistic team.

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  • The festival welcomes applicants of any nationality, aged 18 years or older.
  • Each applicant is allowed to submit one or more bodies of work/projects.
  • There is no submission fee, and the festival will not provide fees, prizes, or awards for the selected works.
  • The selected works will be exhibited at various venues in Blok M, Jakarta, from 8-24 September 2023.


  • Complete the application form in English by 31 May 2023. 
  • In the application form, please insert the link to download your work(s), along with the captions in Word format. 



  • All digital files must be sent in JPEG format with a size of 2,000 px on the long side, 150 dpi, and saved at quality level 8.
  • Each work contains a maximum of 50 images.
  • The photographs are numbered sequentially by the author’s name and project title (E.g. Lina_project title_01, Lina_project title_02, etc).

Multimedia (video format)

  • All files must be sent in MOV, AVI, or MP4 format.
  • Maximum run-time of 10 minutes.
  • If applicable, a preferable installation manual for installation works may be submitted along with artwork images.


All text files must be sent in WORD format.


  • The selected works will be announced on 9 July 2023.
  • The organizer will require high-resolution digital files from all selected applicants for exhibitions and promotion.
  • The organizer will cover the production cost and installations of selected works. The final presentation of the works will be decided by the curatorial team and organizer.


Third Party Releases

Applicants are responsible for providing necessary releases and consents to use the photographs, including releases and consents of any persons appearing in the photographs, also the owner (third party) of properties and elements shown in the photographs. 

Copyrights for Exhibition, Promotion & Publicity 

  • Applicants must guarantee that they have the copyright of the submitted works and the authority to submit them.
  • Applicants must agree to give JIPFest permission to use the selected images and photographers’ names for the festival’s exhibition. The names of photographers and/or institutions that hold the copyrights will be credited when their images are used.
  • Applicants must agree to give JIPFest permission to use the selected images and photographers’ names for the festival’s promotion and publicity through official mediums, e.g. invitations, posters, flyers, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, program book, catalog, social media, website, as well as preview and coverage in newspapers and magazines, and more. The names of photographers will be credited when their images are used.


  • Submission deadline: 31 May
  • Announcement of selected projects: 9 July
  • Exhibition: 8-24 September 

If you have any questions, please contact us at or +62857-2203-6263 (Kuntum)