In 2022, JIPFest introduced Indonesia Photo Fair, a marketplace for photography works. The Fair returns this year, between 8-20 September 2023 at Creative Hall, M Bloc Space.

We invite photo practitioners – including photographers, collectives, organizations, and photo book publishers – to participate and expand their networks as well as market their works in the form of photo prints and books. Submitted works will be curated by Windi Salomo, Artistic Director of Indonesia Photo Fair.

As the host, JIPFest will provide the physical marketplace, ground crew, logistics, and payment system. Participants are encouraged to actively work alongside the festival to market their works to the public.

Schedule & Venue

Schedule: 8-20 September 2023
Venue: Creative Hall, M Bloc Space
Submissions: Click here to participate

How to Participate

I. Photo Prints

  1. Participants can submit up to six photos. The committee will select photos that are eligible for Indonesia Photo Fair.
  2. Participants are required to submit high-res files of selected photos to be used as a reference during work installation.
  3. Participants will print the photos, frame them, and ensure they have a rope to hang the frames.
  4. Participants provide credit titles of the work: title, medium, size, edition, and prize (all info to be submitted to the application form above).
  5. Besides the prints on display, participants may provide a spare print of the same work – frameless – to be placed in a tube that will be provided by the participants, as an option for buyers who opt for frameless works.
  6. Photo works should be sent to M Bloc Space on 6 September between 9AM-5PM, neatly packed in a box that will be used to pack the work when they are sold or returned to the participants.
  7. Sold works are expected to be collected by the buyers at the end of the Fair (20 September). If the buyers were not able to pick up the works, then the delivery to their addresses becomes the participant’s responsibility, in coordination with the festival committee after the fair ends.
  8. If buyers decided to pick up their works on the day they made the transaction, then the participant will replace the sold works with the same print of different edition (if any), or other works that will be decided by the committee.
  9. Each photo is limited edition and accompanied by a Certificate of Authentication issued by the participant.
  10. All displayed works at the Fair may be used as promotional materials for the event and appear in a catalogue and @jipfest social media platforms. The participants are to grant permissions for this usage.
  11. Participants and the committee will co-promote the event to their networks and communities.

II. Photo Books

  1. Participants can submit a maximum of six book titles. The committee will select the titles that are eligible for Indonesia Photo Fair.
  2. Participants to send the books to M Bloc Space on 6 September between 12AM-5PM.
  3. The unsold photo books are to be picked up by participants on 20 September between 8PM-12AM.

Sales Scheme & Profit Sharing

  • Indonesia Photo Fair uses a single-cashier system.
  • The funds from all sales will be paid to Yayasan Panna, the umbrella organization of JIPFest, then transferred to the participants by 24 October 2023.
  • All photo prints and photo books on display are displayed based on consignment between the committee and the participants. The profit sharing schemes are as follows: photo prints 70% (participants): 30% (JIPFest), and photo books 75% (participants) and 25% (JIPFest). If there were discount requests from potential buyers, the committee will discuss the matter with the participants.

Timeline (2023)

  • Submission deadline: 2 June
  • Delivery of photo prints and photo books to M Bloc Space: 6 September
  • Installation (by art handlers that JIPFest commissions): 7 September
  • Indonesia Photo Fair: 8-20 September
  • Pickup slot for the remaining photo prints and photo books at M Bloc Space: 20 September, 8PM-12AM

Click here for further info, or contact or +62812-9462-9212 (Tina)