JIPFest 2023 features six Artist Talks; all sessions take place on weekends at Bulungan Theater. To ensure the sustainability of the festival, starting this year JIPFest requires audience to book Talk Show Pass to attend.


20/70: Two-Fold Story
By Adrian Mulya
The photo project 20/70: Two-Fold Story presents a tale about two generations with a 50-year age gap. The Human Rights Education and Advocacy Forum (Fopperham), an NGO in Yogyakarta, initiated the “One Week One Mother” program, providing an opportunity for students from UIN Universitas Sunan Kalijaga to be companions to the survivors of ’65-’66. They engage in dialogues, conversations, heartfelt sharing, and assist in daily life activities. What initially started as a weekly occurrence became an ongoing connection. Adrian and the writer Lilik HS, alongside Indonesia Humanity Foundation (YSiK), published the project in a photo book “Para Pembuka Jalan“. This story is taken from chapters within the book. 

Adrian Mulya
Adrian is an independent photographer based in Jakarta. He is a self-taught photographer who likes to explore humanity issues through pictures. He published Winners of Life (2016), a photo book focusing on former female political prisoners of 1965. Currently, Adrian works for Project Multatuli as a photo editor. @adrianmulya

Now is Not the Right Time
By Peter Pflügler
This project started out as an investigation into the traces of a well-kept family secret. While Peter was revisiting his parents’ trauma – its places, objects and memories that he could not call his own – he found it inside himself. His body always knew.

Peter Pflügler
Peter is a visual storyteller currently living in the Netherlands and Austria. He studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague.  His work is centered around the dynamics of secrets and intergenerational trauma. With the use of moving images, photography and performance, he focuses on personal stories in order to highlight universal issues. @peter.pflugler

When Summer Became Winter
By Yara Jimmink
When Summer Became Winter (2020), is a poetic visual story that allowed Yara to better understand her family history. She delves into the significance of photographs left behind by her grandparents, whose stories have remained untold. By blending archival black and white images with her own imagery, she constructs a narrative that establishes a dialogue between the past and present. Her work reflects the impact of collective history and its influence on the migration of families.

Yara Jimmink
Yara, an Amsterdam-based social documentary portrait photographer, addresses various humanitarian themes such as migration, family and collective memory in her works. In 2020, she graduated from the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in the Hague in the direction of documentary storytelling photography. She is currently one of the artists participating in the Archivo LAB 2023. She is also part of FOTODOK’s new Talent Embassy program alongside nine other participants. yarajimmink.com

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Dedication in Photographing Merapi & Photobooks for Humanity
By Boy T. Harjanto
Since 2010, Boy has been photographing Mount Merapi, especially how its eruption impacts the local community. For this mission, since 2021, he has decided to stay at the Merapi observation post in Turgo Village. From this long-term project, Boy has produced seven books on Merapi, partially donated to the residents living around the volcano as a community archive, also to be sold to visitors.

Boy T Harjanto
Boy, an alumni of ISI Surakarta, is a Yogyakarta-based photojournalist. He has worked for Bengawan Pos and Indopos, and won Indonesia’s journalistic accolades the Mochtar Lubis Award and the MH Thamrin Awards. Since 2011, Boy has produced 11 books, seven of them on Mount Merapi. In between work, he conducts photography training. @boyharjanto

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Five Months Before
By Shindy Lestari
Through Lima Bulan Sebelumnya (Five Months Before), Shindy learns more about her family, especially the memory of her mother who had passed away. In 2022. she started this project by documenting and asking each member of the family for the memory of her mother, as well as her father about how she was as a wife. This photo project also contains memories of the 5 months when her mother spent time in Bali before she rested in peace.

Shindy Lestari
Shindy is a full-time mom and a documentary photographer based in Bali, Indonesia. Since 2017, she has participated in a number of photography workshops in the Philippines and Indonesia. In 2021, she started focusing her work and exploration of family and women’s issues as she began the journey as a mother. @shindy.lestarii

Buzzclub Sexyland (Screentest #9)
By Gerald van der Kaap
In the 1990’s, artists Gerald Van Der Kaap and Rineke Dijkstra created a series of ‘screentests’ in which they removed young clubbers from their context, the dance floor, and filmed them in a neutral setting in a temporary studio, posing, dancing, smoking or kissing each other, creating an insightful portrait of youth life in that era. For Buzzclub Sexyland 2022 (Screentest #9), Aukje Dekker, an artist whose work revolves around raising questions on authorship and radical co-creation, challenged Gerald to recreate the experiment. But 25 years later, in 2022, the clubs in which Gerald and Rineke filmed – MysteryWorld in Zaandam, RoXY and Vrieshuis Amerika in Amsterdam, and The BuzzClub in Liverpool – aren’t there anymore. Social media has turned us into round-the-clock performers.

Gerald van der Kaap
Gerald, an Amsterdam-based photographer, is regarded as a pioneer of the use of new media in art. Besides his work as an artist, he worked as an editor and publisher of the arts magazines Zien (1980-1986) and Blind (1989-1990), wrote for international art magazines, was director/producer/editor of pirate TV station Rabotnik TV (1987-1988), taught at the Rietveld Academy (1992-2002) in Amsterdam. He was director and producer of the film Beyond Index (2017).  His work has been internationally exhibited, including shows at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum Folkwang, Canon’s Artlab, Centre Georges Pompidou, and Guangdong Museum of Art. geraldvanderkaap.com

By Ranita Roy
Through this story, Ranita wants to shed light on the untold effects of the relationship between poverty and health. Her father’s experience and her family’s struggle are the story of every family facing economic decline and unemployment worldwide. She is focusing on small events that are happening daily, on the reactions of each family member, on their feelings, emotions, and dreams.

Ranita Roy
Ranita, an independent storyteller based between Kolkata and Pune, explores the intersections of fiction and reality, resulting in a quasi-documentary outcome. Nominated by Reuters, she completed Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) in Jakarta. Her work has been published in various media including Reuters, The Washington Post Magazine, The New York Times, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, as well as BBC. She became a Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellow in 2021. ranitaroy.com

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Dance for No Reason
By Gaia Squarci
“The biggest love story of my life has been my parents’”, writes Italian photographer Gaia Squarci. As she looked at her parents’ romance over the years, with a growing fear of seeing one of them without the other, photography became a tool to actively work on the fear of loss, and to understand the secrets of love. During the Artist Talk, she will connect this personal story with other two of her projects, also based on the intricacies of family life.

Gaia Squarci
Gaia divides her time between Milan and New York, where she teaches Digital Storytelling at ICP. She is a contributor of Prospekt, a National Geographic grantee, and was among the 30 under 30 Women Photographers selected by Photo Boite for 2018. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece, Mexico, China and Taiwan. gaiasquarci.com

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Broer (Brother)
By Florian Braakman
Broer is an ongoing photo series, capturing the portraits of local men who have addressed Florian with ‘broer’ (brother). The project started in Delfshaven, where he lives, but has expanded to other neighbourhoods and cities. A casual and friendly term of affection, ‘brother’ evokes a brotherhood between strangers that transcends backgrounds and family ties.

Florian Braakman
Florian is a Rotterdam-based photographer. His photography is driven by questions of home, migration and the spaces that surround him. He works locally, drawing inspiration from the streets of Delfshaven in Rotterdam. Since moving there in 2013, Florian has been capturing the community in the ongoing research project Delfshaven’s Finest, an ode to the economically disadvantaged but culturally vibrant neighbourhood. florianbraakman.nl

Letter from Jepara
By Gevi Noviyanti
Along with portraits of female students and atmosphere of the Islamic boarding school, Gevi chose letters as a medium to respond to the situations they are experiencing and the limited access to the means of communication they have. This inspirational story shows the importance of instilling an awareness of equality and humanity in Islamic boarding schools, as well as presenting inspirational stories from Islamic boarding schools from the perspective of female students.

Gevi Noviyanti
Gevi is a portrait and documentary photographer based between Yogyakarta and Cirebon. Her educational background as an Ethnomusicology graduate greatly influences her creation of visual storytelling. She actively collaborates with several collectives or communities such as Kelas Pagi Yogyakarta, the KUNCI study & collective forum, Jogja Biennale, and the Tembi Music Forum. @gevinoviyanti

The Phenomenon of Citayam Fashion Week
By Muhammad Zaenuddin
In 2022, Citayam Fashion Week (CFW) has become a spotlight in various media. Citayam Fashion Week is all about young people communicating their desire to reclaim public urban spaces regardless of their social and economic classes. This photo project is a response to questions and criticism on the public space issue. There are so many things that Zaenuddin found not only about fashion and this youth subculture, but indirectly, how the pleasure of urbanites living in the capital is disturbed by the upper class.

Muhammad Zaenuddin
Zaenuddin, a Jakarta-based photojournalist, has interest in environmental issues and social changes. He participated in the KELANA Arkademy Project (2019), XL Axiata Photojournalist Mentorship (2020), and the 2022 Permata Photojournalist Grant. He received Honorable Mention in the Kisah-kisah Perubahan Iklim program by the environmental initiative Iklimku (2021). He was also granted the 2022 Indonesian Photojournalist Award and the 2023 Indonesian Photojournalist Award. @mhdzndn__

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What Makes One’s Memory
By Hajime Kimura
Triggered by his father’s death, Japanese artist Hajime Kimura created a visual story which then led him to understand how some of his family’s memories were missing after the loss. This project is based on his own experience in searching for his past that he did not want to remember, whether the resulting memories are true or not, and if they are lies, what makes one’s memory.

Hajime Kimura
Japanese photographer Hajime Kimura has authored 10 books, and won several accolades, including the 2013 IPA Photobook Asia Award and the 2014 Kassel Photobook Dummy Award. His works have been exhibited in several galleries and museums, including the C/O Berlin, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, and the Centre for Contemporary Photography Melbourne. hajimekimura.net

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