Following the completion of the Photo Curatorial Workshop, JIPFest and the workshop mentors—Boaz Levin and The Secret Agents (Indra Ameng & Keke Tumbuan)—have selected one exhibition proposal to be realized in JIPFest 2022. The workshop is part of Road to JIPFest 2021 program, and is organized in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Indonesien. Out of the 12 proposals from 12 workshop participants, the chosen proposal is by Arif Furqan.

Titled “Family to Nation”, Furqan’s exhibition proposal uses photo archives of family portraits as a starting point. He has collected portraits from Indonesia’s New Order to reflect the social situation at the time, opening discussion on national development and political tragedies.

The Secret Agents (Indra Ameng & Keke Tumbuan), mentors, said: “How do you learn about history from a photo archive? How do you find a narrative from vernacular photography? By selecting and categorizing his extensive photographic archive Arif Furqan has chosen a story from our collective memory, that is still relevant today, to showcase in a solid presentation.” 

Boaz Levin, mentor, said: “By assembling and curating an expansive archive of family photography from the New Order regime era and reading it against the grain, Arif Furqan’s “Family to Nation” presents an urgent and timely reckoning with the photographic grammar of national myth-making. The project’s rich material, ambitious scope, coherent form and critical perspective are bound to produce an important exhibition.”

JIPFest will facilitate Furqan in realizing his exhibition concept in the 2022 edition of the festival. Congrats to Furqan and all workshop participants for a job well done!