At JIPFest, you can be more than visitors – you have the opportunity to create your own event within the festival! If you have ideas for photography-related events, bring them to life by submitting your proposal to our Fringe program.

Fringe is open to both individuals and organizations. During the first edition of JIPFest in 2021, we have successfully supported 17 fringe events including discussions, exhibitions, workshops, and photo book launches. Click here to be inspired by past fringe events.

Event initiators have the liberty to conceptualize the events. Photography has a far-reaching role and meaning in our daily lives – as a hobby, artistic expression, education tool, and medium for therapy among others. Let your creativity run wild while exploring themes, and write them down in a solid proposal.


  • Registration is open to Indonesian citizens and foreigners, including individuals, collective, communities, institutions, and organizations.
  • The event must be free to the public (with no registration fee) and non-commercial (no transactions during the event).
  • JIPFest provides event venues and basic facilities, manages event schedule, promotes events, and prepares an online registration system.
  • Participants are responsible for organizing the event, including taking care of event logistics.
  • All crew members, guest speakers and visitors must have received at least one (1) dose of Covid-19 vaccination by the time of the event.
  • Every promotional material created by the organizer must include the official JIPFest 2021 logo.
  • There is no fee to participate in the Fringe program and JIPFEst does not provide financial support to participants.
  • Due to time and space limitation, we cannot accommodate exhibition proposals, unless the organizers can provide its own exhibition space.
  • We request for all event organizers to disclose any sponsors involved in the program. We will not allow any sponsored promotions in any forms during the event.


  • Venue: Ballroom, MULA Kotatua
  • Event capacity : 75 chairs/people (50% of room max capacity)
  • Facilities: chair, projector, screen, 3 wireless mics, speaker, internet with 50Mbps speed
  • Schedule: Thursday, 25 & Friday, 26 November 2021
  • Daily slots: 10:00 – 12:0, 13:00-15:00, 16:00-18:00
  • Duration: 120 minutes per event (plus 30 minutes of preparation time)
  • If you plan to propose an event outside the provided time slot and facilities, you can self-fund the event and coordinate the planning with us by sending an email to


  • Fill in the registration form
  • Participant can submit more than one event. The theme of the event does not need to be aligned with JIPFest 2021 theme (SPACE)
  • Each event proposal will be selected based on the availability of slots, proposed themes, and provided facilities


  • Registration timeline: 23 September-14 October 2021
  • Announcement of selected proposal: 21 October 2021

Click here to submit your proposal. If you have further questions, please write to