We are happy to announced selected photo book entries to be exhibited at JIPFest 2021. The books are selected from an open call that started in February 2020, initially to be exhibited in the same year, but due to the global pandemic, the festival has been pushed to 2021. We have received a total of 43 photo books from 9 countries, and have selected 26 books to be exhibited between 13-28 November 2021 at MULA Kotatua Jakarta.

The selection was done by JIPFest committee, considering a few criteria, including narrative, visual approach, concept, and product treatment. The team is also mindful to present diversity in themes within the selection, ensuring that there are representations for street, travel, personal, documentary, and contemporary photography.

Below the selected book titles and photographers, in alphabetical order. Congratulations to all selected participants!

  1. A Photobook Streetscenes Photography – Prof. Drs. Soeprapto Soedjono, MFA., Ph.D.
  2. Au Loim Fain (Aku Ingin Pulang) – Romi Perbawa
  3. Dana Dompu – Setyo Manggala
  4. Flock Horror Zine – Aji Susanto Anom
  5. Hà Nội – Wednesday, 10:43 p.m. – Wouter Vanhees
  6. Isn’t This Home – Fieni Aprilia
  7. Jalan Raya Pos – De Grote Postweg – Eric Kampherbeek
  8. Lullaby – Abi Rafdi Aufar
  9. Mail-A Love Letter – Dinda Jouhana
  10. Malacca Rhapsody – Robert Lie
  11. My World My Eyes – Kelas Jurnalis Cilik
  12. On The Road – Serkan Colak
  13. Pagebluk di Akar Rumput – Balik Layar
  14. Pandemi – J. Teguh Widjaja
  15. Roxy – Ein Leben in Dunkelheit – Kerstin Hehmann
  16. Saeyyang Pattuqduq Perayaan Khataman Al Quran di Polewali Mandar – Agung Dewantara
  17. Salam Rindu – Thasya Zelinsky & Opin Adelpho
  18. Some Kind of Heavenly Fire – Maria Lax
  19. Stay at Home – Enda Kaban & Merry Kaban
  20. The Banda Journal – Muhammad Fadli & Fatris MF
  21. The Sounds of Dream – Muhammad Hidayat
  22. The Will to Live – Rosekampoong
  23. Tirakat – Qolbee Maliki
  24. Vulcania – Nicole Weniger
  25. Waywards to SEA – Ikvin Rosyadi / Maldoror Manifesto
  26. 临摹 – 序 (linmo – sketches) – Hong Shu-ying li