For JIPFest 2022, we did an open call to showcase a selection of photo books from across the world. In last year’s edition, photo book exhibition was the most well-attended program throughout the festival, We are excited to announce the selected books from a total of 43 photo books from 7 countries we have received from the open call. Our team have selected 16 books to be exhibited between 9-25 September 2022 at Kala di Kalijaga.

The photo books are selected based on a few criteria, including narrative, visual approach, concept, and product treatment. The team is also mindful to present diversity in themes within the selection, ensuring that there are representations for street, travel, personal approach, documentary, and contemporary photography. The team also includes photography collective, institutions, and student organizations. Below the selected book titles and photographers, in alphabetical order. Congratulations to all selected participants!

  1. Cityscape + Birdmen by Jacquie Maria Wessels
  2. Dori by Kaamna Patel
  3. Flores Vitae by Nico Dharmajungen
  4. Identity Crisis by Brian Arnold
  5. Lensa Anak Terminal by Setyo Manggala Utama
  6. Madakau: Suar Suara dari Pesisir by Komunitas KAHE Maumere
  7. Media Alternatif: Dokumentasi Visual Ekspresi Warga 2020 by Pusat Dokumentasi Media Alternatif, Universitas Islam Indonesia
  8. Menjadi Biasa by Abiyoga Pamungkas
  9. Monohydra by Hengki Koentjoro
  10. Passiara Kota Makassar 24 Jam by UKM Fotografi Universitas Hasanuddin
  11. RAW by Vanessa Van Houten
  12. Rolling Clouds by Louis Lim
  13. Ruta 77 by Siti Hermandari Kartowisastro
  14. Sana Sini by Dikka Afidick
  15. The Life of Jakarta’s Concert Photographers by Melina Anggraini
  16. The Soul by Edwin Djuanda

JIPFest is scheduled for 9-25 September 2022 in Blok M, Jakarta. The festival is supported by the Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry and Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Department.