9-25 SEP 2022

Location: Blok M, South Jakarta
Venues: Langsat Park, Bulungan Theater, Lamandau House, Kala Karya, Kala di Kalijaga, and Soup N Film

Programs: 15
Shows: 55
Guest Stars: 62
Visitors: 18,123

JIPFest has once again been organized amid a pandemic. But there is a stark difference in the third edition this year, as compared to the last in 2021. Many countries have reopened their borders and eased travel restrictions. And with that, we have been able to host international guest stars and participants, and welcome a significantly bigger number of visitors.

The third edition of JIPFest was held from 9-25 September 2022 in six venues around Blok M, South Jakarta. The venues are Langsat Park, Bulungan Theater, Lamandau House, Kala Karya, Kala di Kalijaga, and Soup N Film.

Throughout 17 days, the festival featured 15 programs, 55 shows and 62 guest stars from nine countries: Indonesia, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, US, Japan, Singapore, India. 

Anna Lena Mehr, World Press Photo Contest Director, dalam program baru Meet & Greet.

We introduced two new programs this year. First is Meet & Greet, a casual networking forum for photography practitioners. Second is Indonesia Photo Fair, a marketplace for photographers to market their works. These two innovations were born out of JIPFest’s vision to continue to be relevant to the needs of its community.

JIPFest 2022 attracted a total 18,123 visitors, bigger than the 2019 figures of 17,451 visitors and more than double last year’s figures of 8,662 visitors – largely due to pandemic restrictions. Photo Exhibition was the most visited program, followed by Photo Book Exhibition, Fringe, Projection Night, and Public Lecture.

Looking at the visitors’ demographic profile, around 57% are based in Jakarta. From outside of the capital city, our visitors came from 27 provinces in Indonesia. As for foreigners, our registration system recorded visitors of 24 nationalities.

Public Lecture oleh Espen Rasmussen di Teater Bulungan.

JIPFest 2022 was made possible thanks to the support of our partners: 23 organizations and institutions that share the same vision and passion in photography. The festival, which was organize by PannaFoto Institute, was also made possible thanks to the support of the photography stakeholders, both from home and overseas, who have shared their knowledge and experience to enrich fellow community members.

JIPFest will return next year. Its fourth edition are scheduled for 8-24 September. Under the theme Generation, JIPFest 2023 will explore the impact and significance of the world’s demographic shift. Today, millennials and Gen Z are the largest cohort globally, while the elderly population is increasing.