Photo by Ton Hendriks

The time that prints were the prime base for photography presentations – and documentary in particular – lies behind us. In today’s exhibition practice projection of still and moving images, animated texts, live data pulled from the internet, sound, and sometimes even smell provide context to the stories in combination with texts, documents, and objects.

Throughout the three-day workshop, curator Bas Vroege will explore key questions including:

  • what kind of exhibition, for whom, and where? Some stories may require a museum or gallery setting, others are more powerful when used on the street.
  • Exhibitions as a standalone phenomenon or in combination with other platforms such as a book, a film, or online?
  • Do we wish to interact with our audience, get responses from them or even receive input that can be shared, integrated as part of the project?


  • Exploring different forms of photography based storytelling for fundamentally different exhibition environments.
  • How to respond to the demands of the space
  • How to challenge the audience, making them curious, wanting to find out more.
  • How to integrate internet-based material effectively, providing layered, possibly even dynamic data. Not to forget what physical artefacts or sound can contribute to the experience of the audience.


  • Participants have a background in photography, design, (art) history, journalism, film, humanities. Students learning these fields are welcomed. 
  • Workshop participants are strongly encouraged to attend Bas’ public lecture on 9 September at 17.00 at Teater Bulungan, Blok M, South Jakarta.


Bas Vroege is the director of Paradox, a not-for-profit production house for multiplatform documentary photography that he founded in 1993. In the last 30 years, Paradox has worked on exhibitions, books, films, websites, and apps with social agenda to be exhibited in various locations, including Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing), Museo Nacional de Bellas Arte (Buenos Aires), and Bergen-Belsen Memorial Centre (Germany). He previously served as the director for Perspektief, a photography centre in Rotterdam (1985-92), and Fotografie Biennale Rotterdam (1988-92). Besides his curatorial practice, he works as a lecturer in editorial and curatorial practice at the Masters in Film and Photographic Studies of Leiden University, the Netherlands.


Schedule: Monday-Wednesday, 11-13 September 2023
Venue: Kala di Kalijaga, Blok M, South Jakarta
Number of participants: 12
Language: English
Fee: IDR350,000 (including daily lunch)


  • The program welcomes participants of any nationalities
  • Participants must be at least 17 years old
  • Fill up this form to sign up. The mentor and JIPFest team will select the participants
  • JIPFest program manager will be in touch with you to confirm your participation and inform on payment.

If you need further info on the workshop or travel suggestions for overseas participants, please contact Tasya at or +62 877-7155-0231 (WhatsApp only).