This year, JIPFest will exhibit a total of 26 photography and multimedia works from 19 countries. The festival uses three ways to select the works: 21 works are selected from open call; four chosen by invitation; while one is a personal curatorial project from our 2021 Photo Curatorial Workshop.

The exhibition is scheduled for 9-25 September 2022 at four different venues in Blok M: Langsat Park, Kala Karya, Kala di Kalijaga, and Soup N Film. All venues are free to enter. Every weekend throughout the festival, we will host Festival Tour to take visitors to experience the exhibition with our curators.

Photo: Antonio Perez


Jl. Barito, Kramat Pela, Jakarta, Google Map
9-25 September, 08:00-17:00

1.. Ala Eldin Abdalla, Sudan
2. Antonio Perez, Spain
3. Chantal Pinzi, Italy
4. Jacquie Maria Wessels, the Netherlands
5. Miyuki Okuyama, Japan
6. Paul Eis, Germany
7. Setyo Manggala Utama, Indonesia
8. Tianhu Yuan, China
9. Younes Mohammad, Iraq

Photo: Irene Barlian


Jl. Sunan Kalijaga No.1, Melawai, Jakarta, Google Map
9-25 September, 10:00-20:00

1. Arif Furqan, Indonesia
2. Irene Barlian, Indonesia
3. Riska Munawarah, Indonesia

Photo: Espen Rasmussen


Jl. Palatehan No.68, Melawai, Jakarta, Google Map
9-25 September, 10:00-20:00

1. Akshay Mahajan, India
2. Darnia Hobson, New Zealand
3. Dito Yuwono, Indonesia
4. Espen Rasmussen, Norway
5. Fabiola Cedillo, Ecuador
6. Giuseppe Cardoni, Italy
7. Issam Larkat, Algeria
8. Leonard Suryajaya, USA
9. Mao Sovanchandy, Cambodia
10. Meidiana Tahir, Indonesia
11. Michael Eko, Indonesia
12. Mohammed Hossain, Myanmar
13. Olga Volondina, Russia
14. Xuan Phong Le, Vietnam

JIPFest is scheduled for 9-25 September 2022 in Blok M, Jakarta. The festival is supported by the Indonesian Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry and Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Department.